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Student Peace Prize awarded to Min Ko Naing and ABFSU

About Min Ko Naing and ABFSU
ISFiT press center

The Student Peace Prize
- a prize awarded to students by students.

The 8th of March 2001, the Student Peace Prize will be awarded to a student or a student organization who has done a particular effort for democracy and human rights.

Students have played a crucial role in the fight for peace and human rights. The thought behind the Student Peace Prize is to give support and attention to the winner’s fight for these important rights and highlight the role of students in peace processes worldwide. The prize will also inspire further idealism among students.

The Student Peace Prize is awarded biannualy, in connection with the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT). The prize winner recieves 50,000 NOK and will be invited to Norway to recieve the prize.

"This peace prize will have a double effect. First of all, it encourages and supports the prize-winner and his cause. Secondly, it creates awareness among the students."
Former chairman of the Nobel institute, Francis Sejerstedt.