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The Faith

To be faithful to comrades,
those who have sacrificed their lives
for our national cause,
I affirm the truth.

In this unfulfilled revolution,
splash your blood over me
to polish my courage
if I am not brave enough.

In this unfulfilled revolution,
bond your spirits with mine
in order to guide me
if I should falter.

In this unfulfilled revolution,
may your righteous and mighty hands hold me
and severely punish me
if I betray our people.

Even if my life is sacrificed
for this unfulfilled revolution

I will not mourn for leaving this world.
Instead I will be satisfied
that I was dedicated to our people.

Comrades, as I fly toward you
clasping the revolutionary flag,
open your arms widely
to welcome my ecstatic soul.

"World history has shown that people with strong spirit, unity, courage and discipline can bring down authoritarian governments. We believe in people power. Without your participation, we can achieve nothing."
"We have no opportunity to explain and present our needs because we have no union. In the past, our brothers sacrificed much to topple this military dectarotship but their demands were only met with violence, bullets, and killing."