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FMCCB's Statement 1/2001

Biography of Min Ko Naing

Min Ko Naing's Awards and Prizes

(a) John Humphrey Freedom Award (1999, Canada)

(b) Homo Homini Award (2000, Czech Republic)

(c) Student Peace Prize (2001, Norway)

Norway Prize Committee remarks about Min Ko Naing

Student leader and prisoner of conscience (Amnesty International)

About Min Ko Naing:

(a) Heroes never die (Moe Thee Zun)

(b) Conqueror of Kings (Aung Zaw)

(c) Min Ko Naing (Aung Din)

(d) Letter to SPPC (NLD/LA, Australia)

(e) Interview with Asiaweek (October 28, 1989)

(f) Min Ko Naing Custody (ABSDF)

(g) Min Ko Naing's speeches & poem

(h) Min Ko Naing Wins Student Peace Prize (Article from Irrawaddy)

Brief History of All Burma Federation of Student Unions

Statement on 10th anniversary (ONSOB & ABBESU)

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